• Defeating Poverty Through Education

    We believe education has the power to transform lives and entire communities!

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  • Look at What YOU Have Achieved!

    Ramadhan distribution of food items (rice, flour, sugar, cooking oil and dates) in Zanzibar’s sister Island of Pemba.

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  • A Full 20 Feet Container Full of Food Items.

    With our supporters generous donations and support we were able to achieve this for the local community.

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Al Noor, is a charity agency for the needy and non governmental organisation (NGO) operating in the Zanzibar islands of Tanzania. Al Noor started in the early 1990’s on a small project basis.

Over the years our activities have grown at an incredible rate, and in September 2003 we officially registered with the Zanzibar government as a charity, certificate registration No. 253, under the societies act No. 6 of 1995.

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