Al Noor Training Centre

New Al Noor Training Center

As you know, Al Noor has been striving to move away from dependency on donations. Please view our slide show (see link below) to see how we have started to become more self-reliant by running campaigns based on profitable projects. Read more

Eid Clothing

Eid Clothing

We would like to share with you one of our many support programs directed at our orphans – the “Eid ul Fitr clothing” initiative 2013. Our decade-long supporters have been closely following our progress and have travelled with us on our journey from the very beginning when our orphans were malnourished, sick, and some without shelter. Read more

Iftar Ramadhan Program

Iftar Ramadhan Program

We would like to present to you one of our 3 reports of our last year’s IFTAR Ramadhan programs which was kindly sponsored by Muslim brothers and sisters from different parts of the world. We hope the attached Power Point Presentation will give you an idea of the sincere hard work done by the AL Noor team in Zanzibar to ensure that the IFTAR Ramadhan Sadaqa has reached the most deserving Muslims. Read more

Ramadhan Dates

Distribution of dates During Ramadhan

Attached is a brief powerpoint presentation of last year’s distribution of ramadhan dates – it will give you a small glimpse of the meticulous efforts AL Noor takes to ensure that the Ramadhan sadaqa of DATES reaches the weak, the poor and the needy in remote and isolated villages of Unguja and Pemba Islands. Read more

Transparent Accounting

Transparency in our Accounting system

Starting Jan-2010, Al Noor led by our Finance Director, Mr. Aziz Said Ali, officially formulated a new accounting system. This system includes an effective documentation process, proactive authority flow, cash management plan and budgeting. The authorization of work and segregation of duties is clearly defined and there is no one person involved in a transaction from initiation to end. Read more