How We Spend Your Donations

Making sure every donation counts.

When it comes to running such an important, life-changing operation, we make sure that every dollar counts. You can be completely assured that anything you give will go a long way. Even the smallest donation is enough to help save someone’s life.

We understand the enormous responsibility that comes with managing all of the resources that are entrusted to us, and as the stewards for the vulnerable people of the Zanzibar Islands, we know it is our responsibility to use every gift wisely.

That’s why we always strive for complete transparency with our charitable operations. In addition to providing information about our finances here on our website, we also provide detailed reports to every donor. We believe it’s important that you see exactly how your contributions are being used to make this world a better place.

We promise to always:

  • Put the people first. All financial and material assistance we receive is put directly toward our programs and saving and enriching countless lives across Zanzibar Islands.
  • Keep our operating costs to a minimum. By reducing our running costs to their bare minimum, we make certain that as much as possible of your generous donations reaches those who need it most.
  • Be transparent with our financials. It’s vital that you know exactly how your donations are being used to transform lives, so we always take every measure we can to make our financials available to all donors and prospective donors.

For more information about donations, click here to request our most recent financial report.