Radio Al Noor FM 93.3

Broadcasting love and unity to the community.

In July 2009, we launched Al Noor FM 93.3, an Islamic radio station broadcasting from Sahaba Islamic Center in Zanzibar. The purpose of our radio station has always been build love and unity among the Muslim community through education and sustainable development.

Our guiding belief is that confrontation and blind anger only serve to divide, never to unite. That’s why we concentrate on the issues that bring added spiritual and material value to the lives of our listeners and to future generations. It’s never about attacking anyone’s beliefs, but instead it’s about rebuilding cultural confidence in the new generation of Muslims by focusing on the core values we all share, without shying away from our beliefs.

Radio Al Noor is open to all Muslims who abide by its stated rules of conduct, making it a true community treasure. We offer programming for listeners of all ages, including fun and educational children’s programs that are built around the three phases which are implicit in the famous hadith (and many others) of Prophet Muhammad (May Peace and the Blessings of Allah be upon him) – play with them, teach them, and then make them your friends. We also offer programming highlighting and celebrating the remarkable accomplishments of our Muslim brothers and sisters.

Through Radio Al Noor, we hope to reestablish Zanzibar as the beacon of Muslim learning for all of East and Central Africa. Radio Al Noor has a 3 languages policy, with Kishwahili as the main language and also including Arabic and English. This allows us to reach and interact with a wider audience, helping build stronger bonds between us all.

Please support Radio Al Noor and the very important work it helps us do on a daily basis.