About Al Noor Charity

Since the early 1990’s, Al Noor has been serving the poor communities in the Zanzibar Islands of Tanzania through a variety of programs aimed at breaking the vicious chains of poverty and powerlessness.

As of September 2003, Al Noor is officially registered with the Zanzibar government as a charity, certificate registration No. 253, under the societies act No. 6 of 1995.

We understand that it is very crucial to expedite the process of donations to destitute muslims, with an intensive, systematic approach based on an established network of islamic centres. The organisation makes great efforts to ensure that dispensaries and schools are built to provide free medical care and education.

History & Vision

From our humble beginnings when we helped the poor on a small project basis to our growth as a fully registered charity serving thousands of needy individuals, our mission has always been the same: to break the vicious chains of poverty and powerlessness through education with an Islamic approach.

Over the years, Al Noor has helped provide new wells and clean drinking water to poor villages, saved hundreds of orphans from homelessness, a built numerous Islamic centres, masjids, and madrasas (schools).

We believe that by educating and empowering the poor, their lives can be transformed, and they can achieve a better, happier future as productive, integrated members of society. Click here to learn more about Al Noor’s history and vision →

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