The Al Noor Mission

Our mission is simple – to break the vicious chains of poverty and powerlessness through education. With a strong emphasis on our Muslim faith and principles, we have several key programs and initiatives that promote sustainable self-transformation and refinement. With the support of kind people across the world, we have been able to provide help to the extremely poor, underprivileged, and deserving people of the Zanzibar Islands since the early 1990’s.

We believe it’s our responsibility as a trusted charity to do the most possible good with whatever resources we are blessed with. Efficiency is of the utmost importance. When you give to Al Noor, you can do so with confidence, knowing that your donations will go directly to those who need it most. You can be completely assured that anything you give will go a long way. Even the smallest donation is enough to help save and transform someone’s life.

The Importance of Transparency

Al Noor places an emphasis on accountability in everything that we do. We take our responsibilities very seriously, and we go to great lengths to be as transparent as possible so that our good work is never tainted with suspicion. We always provide our donors with reports and updates on exactly how their donations are being used, and our website also contains financial reports and information about how we spend donations. We pledge to always:

  1. Put the people first
  2. Keep our operating costs to a minimum
  3. Be completely transparent with our financials

We will always continue to fight the good fight, and we hope you’ll join us with your support. Click here to learn how you can help support our work to transform lives by breaking the chains of poverty →