Al Noor University Scholarship Program

Sponsoring a brighter future for all.

Our mission at Al Noor has always been to help break the vicious chains of poverty and powerlessness through education. One of the most important ways we strive to accomplish this is through the Al Noor University Scholarship Program.

With the kind support of people like you, we have been able to help sponsor the university educations of many of our less fortunate brothers and sisters. By helping these underprivileged and motivated individuals attain the education they need to better their lives, the foundation is being laid for a stronger, better community.

Equal Opportunity for All

One of the key principles of our University Scholarship program is that both men and women have equal opportunity to participate and to work toward sustainable self-transformation. We have sponsored the university educations of numerous young men and women throughout the years, helping to make a real difference in the future of these bright, deserving individuals.

Commitment Matters

Not just anyone can get a university scholarship from Al Noor. We believe it’s important to only invest in those who are willing to invest in themselves. We go to great lengths to ensure the students we sponsor are motivated, diligent, hardworking individuals who are truly devoted to bettering their lives and giving back to the community. Through the years, we’ve been blessed to see an abundance of success stories as many young men and women have earned their degrees in a range of fields, including Education, Finance, Management, and Human Resources.

The Fight Never Ends

As you know, the race we are running is one with no finish line. There will always be those poor, vulnerable, deserving individuals who lack the means to attain a quality education on their own. These are the people Al Noor will continue to fight for on a daily basis, with your support,