Al Noor Orphanage Program

Building a better future for those who are our future.

Most of us can’t relate to what it is like being an orphan, but stop for a second and try to imagine it. Imagine if you or your child had to grow up without parents and possibly be left hungry and homeless. Imagine living every day wondering where your next meal would come from. Imagine people trying to take advantage of you and exploit you for cheap labor since you can’t fend for yourself. Imagine the loneliness, pain, and fear you would feel every second of every day. Imagine being robbed of your childhood.

Now, imagine the profound difference you could make in just one orphan’s life if you decided to give back and make this world a better place. With your support of Al Noor’s Orphanage Program, you can help us build a better future for those who are our future.

We currently have more than 500 orphans under our care, studying in our madrasas and working toward a brighter, happier future. Our mission is simple: Give orphans the best care possible with whatever means we have so they can be reintegrated into society and live happier, more productive lives.

How Do We Do It

When you support Al Noor’s Orphanage Program , you can do so with confidence, knowing every dollar you give will help make a difference in a child’s life.

  • Our orphans are always the first priority. All financial and material assistance we receive is put directly toward helping the children and their families. All sponsorship money is given directly to the orphan and their family.
  • We never place our kids in orphanage centres. Our belief is that orphans get the most love and attention when they are with family members who care for them most. As such, we don’t believe in the use of orphanage centres.
  • Our orphans are those who need help most. We carefully select the orphans who are the poorest and need the most help to be sponsored in our program. This ensures that your donations make the biggest possible difference.
  • We maintain daily contact with our orphans to ensure they achieve a bright future. Our trained staff members communicate with the children and families in our program on a daily basis to make certain they are progressing in their schooling and working toward happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives.
  • We help in many different ways – We are committed to doing whatever we can with our resources to help the children. We have more than 500 orphans registered in our madrasas. Every Friday, we host a special lunch for 150 orphans. We have even helped build new houses for many of our orphans and their families. Any way we can make a difference, we will do it.