Promoting the transformative power of education

At Al Noor, one of our core beliefs is that education has the power to transform lives. We are passionate about spreading the power of education to help others improve their lives and to build stronger communities. Thanks to the kind support of people like you, we have been able to launch several religious-based education programs that complement the government’s secular education curriculum and help provide better lives for those who need empowerment most. We invite you to learn more about each of our education programs below:

Al Noor Training Center

We started Al Noor Training Center in 2009 with the goal of breaking the vicious chain of poverty and powerlessness through education. The Al Noor Training Center offers 5 main courses –IT, Linguistics, Business Capacity (Skills for Leadership), and Advanced Mathematics and English Tuition. We have a great group of students who are committed to learning and bettering their lives.

University Scholarship Program

Through the Al Noor University Scholarship Program, so many underprivileged young men and women have been able to attend university and earn their degrees. We believe the whole community benefits when we foster the education of the less privileged individuals who want to work hard and get educated so they can be more productive members of society.

Radio Al Noor FM 93.3

In July 2009, we launched Al Noor FM 93.3, an Islamic radio station broadcasting in Zanzibar. The goal of our radio station is to build love and unity among the Muslim community through education and sustainable development. Radio Al Noor is open to all Muslims who abide by its stated rules of conduct, making it a true community treasure, by really focusing on our shared values.