Leaving a Gift in Your Will

Planned giving lets you leave behind a special gift and a remarkable legacy.

With a planned gift to Al Noor, you have the unique opportunity to continue saving and transforming the lives of the poor across Zanzibar Islands after you’re gone. Leaving a gift in your will is an incredibly inspiring act that can touch lives for years to come.

Every day, an enormous number of children, men, and women of the Unguja and Pemba Islands struggle for survival. For many, the battle begins at birth. Through no fault of their own, these precious individuals often have to wonder where their next meal is coming from or where they’ll sleep at night. Many don’t have access to things we all take for granted: clean drinking water, meat, education, healthcare services, and housing.

We know this struggle won’t end overnight. It’s going to take a long-term committed effort to putting a stop to the suffering and helping those who need it most. This is a race with no finishing line. Until every vulnerable orphan has the support they need in life, we will continue to provide our facilities and services.

This is why we still need your help and continued support. By leaving a gift in your will, you can help ensure someone is always there for them, even long after you’re gone. It’s a great way to support our work to fight poverty and transform lives now and for generations to come.

Whether you have yet to write your will or you wish to amend an existing will to leave a gift to Al Noor, we encourage you to consult your solicitor.

Alternative gifts can be given in any amount. It’s the gift that means, together, we will help the people who need it most. Give the gift that can transform lives today!