Join our Festival of Sacrifice (Udh-hiya/Qurbani) Program 2014

BISMILLAH AR-RAHMAN AR-RAHEEM, As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum wa-Rahmatullah wa-Barakaatu,

Over the last few years, we have run our Eid al Adh’ha sacrifice program with your continuous support. In 2014, more than a hundred families from around the world joined our program and Alhamdulillah 200 goats were slaughtered on their behalf. Fresh meat was distributed to more than 450 orphaned families, widowed women, and to other deserving people known to us through our Islamic Centers program – in total, your generosity has benefitted over 1,000 deprived families.

Our scope of distribution is wider than ever as our teams penetrate deep into the Zanzibar islands in areas such as Ndagaa and Tumbatu Island. Please watch our video clip above and download our  Power Point presentation to see the work we accomplish with your donations.

This year, with your continued support, we want to reach even more needy communities and share the joy of this coming Eid al-Adha Insha’Allah. Having said that, we are happy to report that we have managed to reach more and more people with every year; in fact we now also distribute your meat to Zanzibar’s mental hospitals, rehabilitation centers and homes for the elderly – who thought we would reach this far when we slaughtered our first animal – Alhamdulilah!

Running this program is time consuming and labor intensive as it involves communicating with our kind patrons, collecting and transmitting donations, purchasing the livestock, slaughtering and distributing to our 23 Islamic distribution centers followed by further distribution to the final beneficiaries. However as we become more experienced, we have learned to perfect the Udh-hiya process with a high level of organization, efficiency and strict supervision of animals.

We have also introduced training sessions where young men from our Islamic institutions are trained in the Sunnah of halal slaughtering by our expert butchers – clearly education is not only in the classrooms!

Please join hands with us to feed the poor and needy this Eid Al Adh-ha. We request you to confirm to us your participation ASAP and are happy to receive payment at a later date.  You are welcome to also pass over this report to your friends and family members. The cost of a single healthy goat is currently US$ 100 – this includes cost of slaughter and distribution.