Al Noor Eid Clothing Program for Orphans

This is the story of our journey which started a decade ago when our orphans were malnourished, sick, and some without shelter – An incredible story of courage & inspiration. Before going further, please first watch the amazing video clip above.

How captivating it is watching these orphans! What is inspiring is the intensity of their happiness and their smiles which are complete with vibrancy. SUBHAN’ALLAH! What we are witnessing is something very special for these orphans. How would anyone believe that these are orphans. But they are!

Today we pay tribute to our long term supporters who have travelled with us on this amazing journey and to everyone else who has been supporting us in one way or another. Jazakum Allah Khairan for your kindness which has made a lasting impact on someone’s life. Insha’Allah you will find this report rewarding as much as it has given happiness to our orphans and their mothers who are receiving your help. Alhamdulillah, our orphans are now happier, healthier and more hopeful children. You helped us turn this around Alhamdulillah!

The stories of orphans are generally unbearable for anyone and we hope it will be for you. We need to continue helping them not only to believe in their ability to survive and be strong, but to build the confidence in themselves that will give them the strength to grow and succeed in life. We have seen many intelligent children among our group of orphans and some are now in college. What they need is to be given the opportunities they deserve.

We welcome everyone else to travel with us on this incredible journey. Please help us raise money to support their education, enrichment and health care for the orphans served by Al Noor Charitable Agency for the Needy. With your support, we can increase the desperately needed quality of care and capacity of this project to reach more of the children that need them.” We can provide them with the support they need to learn and to succeed in life.

Nadir Mohammed Mahfoudh,
Director General.