Al Noor Tailoring School

As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum wa-Rahmatullah wa-Barakaatu.

One of the major challenges facing third world countries today is finding employment upon completion of high school and at times even university education. Graduates and in particular women are pushed back to idleness and in many cases to poverty.

We at Al Noor Charitable Agency for the Needy of Zanzibar have initiated a vehicle for social changes and knowledge empowerment which will INSHA’ALLAH open new doors of opportunities.

In October 2015 we have initiated a self-sustaining Al Noor Tailoring School and ALHAMDULILLAH after only one year of operation we have seen encouraging results and we are in the process of opening a second similar school at Iqraa Islamic Center.

The 6 months to one year program is run by 3 experienced instructors  on fabric selection, pattern design, simple and complex sewing, embroidery, and pricing their goods for sale. In this way, graduating students are learning not only how to sew; but also how to run a successful business.

The Al Noor Tailoring graduates have already started seeing positive impact on their lives.  Through Al Noor Support Program, they have acquired contracts to sew nursery school uniforms, government civil services uniforms, and Eid clothing for 538 orphans.  Some have already started working from home and are squarely on the path towards independence and self-sufficiency.  Others are in the process of setting up their own business.

Jazakum Allah Khairan to our enthusiastic supporters who worked hard to drive this project from concept to success.  Your support has impacted many lives in diverse ways.

We welcome new passionate partners to join our practical effort to help underprivileged youth attain training which will help them start small business and income earning opportunities. Insha’Allah, with your support, we can empower those less privileged and will be far-reaching and multiply in strength endlessly.

  • To sponsor establish a complete new Tailoring School is $11,800.
  • To support a one year full scholarship program per student costs $430.

To learn more about our Al Noor Tailoring initiative, please view our video clip above.

Nadir M. Mahfoudh,
Director General, AL Noor Charitable Agency for the Needy