Water well Projects in Poverty Driven Villages

As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum wa-Rahmatullah wa-Barakaatu.

No words can express the need for water wells in remote and poverty driven villages in Zanzibar Islands. What we take for granted in our everyday life is a precious luxury in downtrodden Zanzibar Islands. Early morning, people have to walk long distance to get just 2 buckets of water for their family’s daily use.

One of the biggest and most pressing challenges facing the villages is easy access to safe, clean drinking water. Water related diseases due to unclean water can easily put themselves at the risk of contracting a multitude of life threatening illnesses.

Al Noor Charitable Agency for the Needy operating in Zanzibar Islands is dedicated to digging water wells to assist the less privileged inhabitants of the Unguja and Pemba Islands. To learn more about our water projects, please view our video clip at the top of this page.

We construct our water wells in under privileged and highly populated villages for the benefit of larger populations and for serving the surrounding villages. We use high quality material and powerful submersible pumps with a capacity to fill 120 litres of water per minute, hence relieving hardship of 3 families in just one minute.

Al Noor takes a comprehensive approach when it comes to water projects, tackling issues such as health education and sanitation at the same time. So when we dig wells, we use high quality pipes and water storage tanks.

Inshallah, with your support, we can extend this gift to those less privileged and will be far-reaching and multiply in strength endlessly.

Nadir Mohammed Mahfoudh,
Director General, Al Noor Charitable Agency for the Needy