Al Noor Water Project

Al Noor Water Project

Today, nearly 1 billion people – approximately one in every eight people – do not have access to clean drinking water. This results in the death of 1.4 million innocent children every year. Al Noor Charity’s water projects are designed to combat such dire repercussions by catering for clean and accessible water sanitation projects.

Through these projects, children from remote regions are able to attend school and their families are protected from water borne diseases, which are a root problem of most illnesses in third world countries.

Having instant access to hot and cold water is something we should continuously thank God for as it is indeed one of the most amazing gifts bestowed upon us. God willing, with your support, we can extend this gift to those less privileged.

Make an impact TODAY by helping us with our Water Project in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

  • Help build a well for $7,500!
  • Help sponsor a water cooler for $1,000!

The costs include the long-term monitoring and evaluation needed to make sure your investment lasts a very long time.