Ramadhan Dates

Distribution of dates During Ramadhan

Attached is a brief powerpoint presentation of last year’s distribution of ramadhan dates – it will give you a small glimpse of the meticulous efforts AL Noor takes to ensure that the Ramadhan sadaqa of DATES reaches the weak, the poor and the needy in remote and isolated villages of Unguja and Pemba Islands.

In this report, we focus on the logistics required to distribute dates to inaccessible villages and semi archipelagos of Unguja and Pemba islands.

We are humbled to let you know that Al Noor charity has received Ramadhan SADAQA of two 20 feet containers of DATES (half of which we received last year) Alhamdulilah. The transportation of the dates has already been paid in full and they are now shipped to Zanzibar.

We praise God Almighty for his generosity and we also thank you, our supporters. Your support has enabled us to cross difficult terrains, reaching poverty-stricken villages which are completely isolated and cut-off from the main Islands.

Although the dates project is now fully funded, we encourage your contribution to our other Ramadhan initiatives. Please reach out to us on info@alnoorcharity.org if you can help.