Transparent Accounting

Transparency in our Accounting system

Starting Jan-2010, Al Noor led by our Finance Director, Mr. Aziz Said Ali, officially formulated a new accounting system. This system includes an effective documentation process, proactive authority flow, cash management plan and budgeting. The authorization of work and segregation of duties is clearly defined and there is no one person involved in a transaction from initiation to end.

On the top of our agenda was our goal of having a very transparent accounting system and we are delighted to inform you that once again last year we were officially registered as an external audited and certified charity organization!

Back in 2011, we had also set a goal of introducing a Risk Management System where management sets priorities around tight budgets. It is worth noting that in an organization such as ours where income largely depends on charity, this remains a challenging task.

View our previous years audited reports. They have been attested by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.