Quran Schools

BISMILLAH AR-RAHMAN AR-RAHEEM, As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum wa-Rahmatullah wa-Barakaatu,

The spirit of helping others to earn Allah’s pleasure is best reflected in Muslim society in the field of education. The greatest charity for a Muslim is to learn something and then teach it to other Muslims in large numbers. Thus Muslims have devoted themselves to promoting education, generation after generation.

Knowledge is the most powerful thing in the whole universe. Muslims engage themselves in receiving education and imparting it to others individually as well as by establishing MAKTABS and MADRASAS, i.e., Primary Schools and Colleges.

For more than 10 years Al Noor Charitable Agency for the Needy operating in Zanzibar has been building centres for Islamic Studies and Memorization of the Holy Qur’an. Our Islamic educational programs comprise of a network of modest but functional multi-purpose community centres to complement the Government secular education system which lacks the basic teachings of Qur’an and Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad (PBU). Students learn at government schools in the morning and then attend our Qur’an schools in the afternoon or vice-versa. Please view our small video clip for more information.

Our vision is dedicated to promoting the love of Allah, the appreciation of the beauty of His creation through the guidance of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and reaping the fruits of following him. As always, our aim has been to assist the less privileged inhabitants of the Islands of Zanzibar and there is where we construct most of our community centers.

Al Noor needs funds to sustain the growing number of centres and the activities surrounding them, in order to continue providing services to the destitute communities of Zanzibar. We need your contributions to ensure that we are able to sustain the operational and maintenance costs of our facilities. If we do not receive enough support, they will quickly deteriorate into a state of disrepair and underutilization.

You can help in so many ways, big and small!

  • Sponsor construction of a complete Qur’an schools for only $25,000
  • Sponsor a monthly salary of one teacher for only $100
  • OR whatever Allah puts in your hearts to help us with our costs!

Please contact us today to see how you can make a positive impact on someone’s life.

Or to our local bank account:

  • Al Noor Charitable Agency for the Needy
  • PBZ Islamic Bank Account Number 54120200006446
  • Branch Code: 54
  • Swift Code: PBZATZTZ
  • Zanzibar, Tanzania